Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story
— John Shipp

Meet Katerina

Katerina Sorrell


“Without Katerina, I would be on a completely different path today.  She literally transformed where I was going.  She believed in me, she encouraged me, and she made me take a hard look at the best and worst parts of myself.  Most of all, she shined an amazing light into my life.  I will never be the same.” --SV (client, Costa Mesa)

“I have been to see other counselors in the past, but when I met Katerina I could tell she was different.  She isn’t a detached ‘professional’ who merely dispenses clinical advice.  She cares enough to confront my issues with me instead of just watch me do it myself.  And she isn’t afraid of telling me the truth.  Thank you, Katerina.  Meeting you was a blessing.” --MB (client, Laguna Beach)

What makes me different from other mental health professionals?

As a professional counselor, my passion is helping you individually  embrace healing and hope for your life.  I pride myself on connecting deeply with all of my clients in order to build trust and create an experience of complete support and healing.  My focus is on the wellness of your entire person, not just your “presenting problem."  My therapeutic style is tailored to your unique needs. Other counselors often start by telling you all about their degrees, professional licenses and certifications.  But what does that really have to do with how much they care, or how well they connect with someone who is hurting ... or needs help ... or is looking for advice?  If you want to know about me, I’m very simple to figure out.  I’m just a person who cares deeply.  Because my clients are not merely clients, they are people worth getting to know.

So if you ask me about myself in the context of professional clinical counseling, I’ll tell you that I do assessments and psychotherapy, then I’ll point you to the page that lists all my professional credentials.*   But if you ask me about myself as a human being, I’ll tell you I love people, I’m not afraid of challenges, and I work hard to create solutions, not long-term clients.

If you’re looking for someone who has a warm heart, a good head, and can make you a pretty good cup of coffee or tea while you share what’s on your mind, then give me a call or send me an email.  Maybe we’ll connect and discover some amazing things together.  Usually the most amazing thing is you.  I invite you to get in touch for a complimentary phone consultation, and I very much look forward to hearing your story!


*For a more complete presentation of my professional training and qualifications, click here.